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Coffee Delight


Welcome to Coffee Delight!

Another addon for Farmer's Delight! It take the coffee beans to Minecraft!

If we want to make a cup of coffee, find some coffee tree in desert first.

Cutting the coffee berries and cooked the coffee beans, then cutting it again to make some coffee flour.

Now, let's do the pot and cup to cook the coffee!


When you're done making coffee pots, heat them on a heat source, put in the coffee flour and wait for the coffee to cook, then use the cups to fill up!

Careful! If you cook for too long, the coffee will be mushy! We didn't like a cup of Scorched Coffee right? :(

Don't worry! Mr. Clever will help us! Use Mr. Clever will make black coffee more quickly and well! 


Use Black Coffee to make more other! Taste all coffee!

Try to make more coffee by your self and enjoy taste the coffee! Have fun :)