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This is a (currently very small) tech mod for Fabric loader.


Currently this mod requires the Fabric API, and Crochet 


At present this is in alpha and only adds one machine, a crusher that is powered by redstone.

"How does that work?" you might ask.

You my add items to the machine either by hand or via a hopper.  The machine takes one item at a time. Every time the machine receives a pulse of redstone power, it crushes the item. Multiple crushes are needed to transform an item, so although you *can* stand there and push a button or flick a switch over and over if you like, some sort of more automated system would be wise. When the crushing process is complete, the item is ejected out the front of the machine.  Note that softer materials like bones and sandstone take fewer crushes than harder materials like diamond ore.


Some Recipes

Iron Ore -> 2 Iron Dust (which each smelt into 1 ingot)

Gold Ore -> 2 Gold Dust

Redstone Ore -> 6 Redstone

Lapis Ore -> 12 Lapis

Diamond Ore -> 2 Diamonds

Sandstone -> 2 Sandstone (this is a bug, it should be 4)

Cobblestone -> 2 Gravel

Bone -> 4 Bone Meal

Skeleton Skull -> 6 Bone Meal

Creeper Head -> 2 Gunpowder


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