Coal Processing Machine

5,166 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 5, 2018 Game Version: 1.11.2  

Feel free to use the mod in any modpacks. You are allowed to use it, you do not need to ask for permission, in fact permission requests will usually be ignored. When using the mod, please use the Curse/Curseforge download and do not rehost the files.

Any modpack which uses Coal Processing takes full responsibility for user support queries.

For anyone else, we only support official builds from Curse/Curseforge, not custom built jars. 


 What This Mod Conatains

  • Compressed Coal Block
  • Diamond Machine

What does this mod do ?

This mod allows you to process compressed coal blocks into diamonds using the diamond machine. The diamond machine doesn't require any fuel but will process slowly. The speed of the machine can be changed in the configuration file.


All the credit goes to ChrisNachos. I just created the mod


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