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Yes, indeed, this is another one of those mods that add compat handler for mods like WAILa and NEI, just like mods like

NEI-addons and WAILA-Addons do. But even then, there are still quite a few mods that feel like they miss intergration.

This mod aims to fill some of the still existing gaps in all those addon mods. 

And this mod isn't just focused on one mod, instead, it aims to add handlers for as many mods as possible.

Below is a list off all the handlers that are currently in the mods, but im sure I missed a few :)

This mod also features an extensive config to ensure you can enable/disable almost everything!

-Feel free to suggest more handlers if you a mod lacks intergration with another mod!


List of handlers (Description assumes you have the feature enabled in the config) :



WAILA (data that gets added to the WAILA hud when hovering over the correct block):

NOTE: If you do not have access to the data of a certain block/tile, a message will be added to the hud saying so.



QuantumBridge frequency

P2P data (Mode, frequency)


Energy data (stored/maxStored)

Heat of engines.

Average energy input of laser tables

Data from robots (energy levels, "profession")

-Removed health bar from robots from the WAILA hud (It doesn't  belong there)


Things listed are only shown if:

-The player is the owner of the ChunkLoader

-The player is an Operator

-Data always enabled in the config

Name of the owner

Whether the chunkloader is active or not

The range of the ChunkLoader

The amount of chunks this ChunkLoader currently keeps loaded


The amount of linked devices to an remote-energy-thing


The relative location where a transfer node is looking to dump its contents

(Normallly shown in the GUI)


The restriction mode of the machine (Shared, Private, ect)

Thje energy levels of the machine (energy/maxStored)

The heat values of engines

Data of apiaries, beehouses & alvearies, (Name of the drone, queen/princess, lifespan, and more!)

If you have new mail in your mailbox


Data from every single tank from every mod, disabled by default

Profession ID from villagers


Energy values (energy/maxEnergy)

Progress of machines like furnace/macerator/ect.

Heat values of nucleair reactors, and other machines that have something to do with heat.

The location a teleporter will teleport to.


For pressure-related machines:

The pressure & max pressure in the machine

The temperature inside

The fluid

For heat-related machines:

The heat in the machine (Disabled by default, magnetiCraft seems to handle this himself)

For Electricity-related machines & cables

The energy level of the machine (energy/maxEnergy) (machines only)

The voltage of the machine/conductor

The resistance of the machine/conductor

The energy tier of the machine/conductor


Data about linking books inside blocks like bookstands, lectern, book receptacle..... (Dimension ID,  Dimension name)




Hide all (but 1 of each type) facades.


Hide all (but 1) duplicate blocks from NEI, EG, if you have 12 differently-colored bookstands, only 1 will show in NEI.


Hide all (but 1 of each type) facades.


Hide all (but 1 of each type) multiparts added by ExU.

Hide all filled drums.


Hide all (but 1 of each type) multipart added by FMP from NEI.

Make sure that recipes for the multipart show up in NEI. (Added recipe-handler for it)


Hide all blocks that shouldn't be directly placed from NEI, EG: The top half of a door.


Added "?" support for the crafter (all tiers)


Feel free to give me feedback/suggestions on github :)

And yes, you can use this in your modpacks.


This mod requires ElecCore:





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