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Clutter is a mod that aims to add "vanilla-ish" styled blocks, items, entities and more to the game to make the game feel more "cluttered" (laugh).

Clutter also introduces new and fun gameplay mechanics to add variety to your experience, two examples of this are the new Potion Effect: Vulnerability that makes the affected take more damage and also more variations of the Elytra in the form of Butterfly Elytras.

    Geckolib Link    Fabric API Link

    Discord Link    GitHub Link

Suggestions If you have any suggestions for new blocks, items, entities or other features, feel free to join the mods discord server and send it in "suggestions". Your input could potentially be incorporated into the mod.

Blocks Tab Example build using Clutter blocks. Dining

Entities Tab Entities

Elytras Tab Elytras

Bisect Clutter is partnered with Bisect Hosting so if you want to start a new server make sure to give them a try, just click on the banner above and use the code: ClutterMod to get 25% off!