A seamless laundry experience that is definitely not an item transport mod for Fabric.

Hang your stuff on a clothesline to dry! Build a vast network of clotheslines and roll it around with a crank to maximize exposure to sunlight! Automate your laundry!


Clothesline is currently incomplete. Features are limited to:

  • Clothesline Anchors: Place them anywhere on the ground, the wall or even the ceiling.
  • Clotheslines: Craft them with Wool and a Spinner. Hang them between Clothesline Anchors. Attach clothes to leave them to dry.
  • Cranks: Attach on a Clothesline Anchor and spin to send your clothes flying!
  • Inventory interaction (temporary): Use hoppers or modded inventory interaction blocks with Clothesline Anchors to automatically attach and detach items on Clotheslines.

Planned features include:

  • Automated clothesline movement.
  • Advanced automation of attachment and detachment of items on Clotheslines.
  • Sorting.

Looking for the Forge version of Clothesline?