Class Armor : Berserker, Mage and Archer

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 Berserker Mage Archer Addon


This mod adds 3 sets of class armors to the game.

They come paired with weapons and shields.

Some of them are focused on pvp, some on pve. The mod is a great addition if you want to spice up your singleplayer game for combat against monsters, or a nice touch for roleplay in a multiplayer environement, both friendly and hostile !


  • Do you prefer playing with brute force ? Is your weapon your only answer ? Do you have more muscle then brain ? Using a giant hammer and animal hides, the Berserker strips down all defenses from enemies and pummels them into the beyond.
  • Do you prefer being stealthy ? Attack from a safe distance ? Discover the Archer and his new bows to mow down enemies !
  • Do you rather feel attracted to the arcane ? Is creating your own unique wand what you want to do ? Is speaking spells and surprising your foes what you prefer ? Discover the Mage and dive into the arcane and alchemy !




 /!\ Note : the term 'Class' is defined by the set of armor you wear. 'Classes' are determined by waring all 4 armor class pieces, and 'Shielded Classes' are determined as 4 armor pieces of the class + the apropriate class shield. Most of the items only work if you are fully equiped as a 'Class', if not all.



More info can be found on the

Official Wiki


Mod had been designed to work great with :

Umbralux Class Armors

BeastMaster Class Armor


Requires the SubLib to run.


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