Civilization Wars


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This is a quick overview of the mod. For updated information checkout the minecraft forum post!

The overall goal of this mod is to create a realistic first-person strategy game. Build a civilization from the ground up and become a mighty military power or a wealthy merchant city.

Unlike some other smp mods that may come to mind when you hear this description, in CivWars there is no way to claim land to prevent people from building in it. Instead you must build strong siege walls and line them with soldiers. Beyond you civilizations boundaries you must hammer blocks to solidify them, so it is much harder to build up and over walls in CivWars than in vanilla minecraft.

Once you start to advance further in the game you no longer need to focus on gathering common materials like wood and stone, you can get your citizens to do it for you.


The dandelion texture pack

Family member inventory screen

A basic town hall

I can't play after downloading from the website!

The download on the website is for beta-testers only right now. CivWars can only be played on CivWars server (disabled for singleplayer) so even if you do download it you won't be able to play. I will update this post when a public release is avaliable.

Are you going to update to 1.7.X?

Probably, but not for a while. The mod is for minecraft 1.6.4, but with my custom minecraft launcher profile its as easy as one click to switch between CivWars, vanilla minecraft, or any other launcher profile.


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