Christmas Festivity

96,646 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 16, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

Christmas Festivity:


The blocks added by this mod are many and of all colors, with new block models and new textures, to help better decorate the world in the Christmas season.

The Christmas Festivity Mod adds two different types of christmas balls, snowmen, christmas trees, lights, tree tips, leaves with lights, garlands and more blocks with special features.

Christmas presents has a gui with a single slot for giving gifts to your friends. For all those who play singleplayer on Christmas day if you open the present gui there will be a surprise for you, this feature can be turned off in the mod config file.

Even the Epiphany Stockings have a gui, with nine slots, they can contain any type of item or block.

This mod also adds new colored redstone lamps and paintings, the lamps are like vanilla redstone lamps but colored.

The new items added are foods and three music discs, they can be found on the chests of the Igloo, dungeons and mineshafts.





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