Chop Down Updated

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Chop Down Updated 

Chopping through a tree's trunk makes the tree fall down opposite to where you are standing.



  • Falldown opposite direction along the axis (Diagonal fall was removed because you can't have the tree fall diagonally and look as realistic)
  • Multi threaded capability meaning even for really large trees it will not cause you an issue in multiplayer.
  • Handles any size tree including naturas redwoods (though there is a delay the server is still responsive while it calculates the fall)
  • No dependencies
  • Different trees should not get mixed up, got a birch next to an oak tree, chop down the birch and only the birch tree and leaves will fall.
  • In same type forests it does its best to calculate which leaves and branches should belong to the tree you are chopping
  • You must chop all the way through the trunk to fell the tree, not just 1 block
  • Server only allows a player to chop 1 tree at a time down, you could not spam for example serveral redwoods at once (though achieving this would be hard in the first place it cuts all chance for abuse)
  • Trees can be felled from any point on the trunk
  • Trees still do the fell in creative, want to make your creative world look more realistic just go chop some random trees down.
  • Highly configurable, see below. 



Custom Trees: You can define custom trees from pretty much any block

Use to create custom trees, please report any configs you create to me so I can add the compatibility for everyone to use.
Type /cdu showBlockName to toggle the display of block names to use for the logs and leaves (OP only)
None standard trees can normally be accommodated by using the radius/trunk radius/leaf limit/possible trunk settings, if you are unsure what to change to match a tree just ask.
To see the current configs for compatible mods look here:

Set the max blocks before the tree is moved manually : maxFallingBlockBeforeManualMove: Default 1500.

If the tree contains more than this number of blocks, rather than creating falling entities it will place the blocks in the world where they would have landed, this is to stop entity overload on multiplayer servers. Most normal trees are less than this number of blocks.

This generally only effects trees like Natura Redwoods.

Trees that fall as falling block entities no longer pop off and will instead break passable blocks. 

 Set the max blocks to move per tick: Default 150

The default value works quite well generally. It is meant to reduce the load by spreading out the dropping of large trees. 

 Drop Leaves: Default FALSE

Leaves are broken off instead of falling with the tree.

List Tools that should not cause a fell:

Such as tinkers lumberjack, anything that vein mines really.

 List players classes that can fell trees:

This stops issues with fake players and fake player based harvesting. The defaults cover some common mods, if you find that you cannot fell trees it might be a mod that overlays your character, please contact me so I can check.


Quote from DarkCow

Allows cutting down an entire tree in one go...

Old video, a load of stuff has changed since this, but you will still get the idea.




Change Log:
    1.2.4: Add configs for:
                Better With Addons
                Natural Pledge
                Primal Core
                The Erebus
                The Midnight
                Vibrant Journeys
            Update Configs for:
                The Twilight Forest
            Thank you for the config inputs from TeetoKaziim and wenlfs
            Thank you for debug help from QuantumStatement
    1.2.3:  Minor config update
    1.2.2:  Add ability to choose enable configs for mods for compatibility to reduce load for 
            trees not in your game
            Fix bug with manual drops duplicating logs
            Increase efficiency of the calculation by removing lower logs function that is no                         
            longer needed
            Remove obsolete config options
            Allow larger trees using manual move to smash through leaves
    1.2.0:  Changed the falling entity, now wont pop off, and lands on fences correctly, logs
            also cut through other trees leaves as they fall.
            Fixed issues with looking up other trees so trees in forests don't lag as much as 
            they used to.
            Falling blocks now hurt entities they fall on.
    1.1.3:  Fix issue with mods using deprecated function only
    1.1.2:  Update Biomes Of Plenty config.
    1.1.1:  Use correct item stack collector on block
            Add configs for terraqueous
            Increase leaf limit and base radius to solve some trees leaving leaves behind on 
    1.1.0:  Reoptimise to run better
    1.0.12: Added ability to ignore tools (i.e. don't do chop down event if user used a certain 
            Added regex matching
            Added showing the held tools name is showBlockName is true
    1.0.11: Add compatibility with Galacticraft.
    1.0.10: Added configuration for plants, leather works and defiled lands.     
            Added ability to define anything as a log or leaf, also to treat certain blocks as 
            leaves for all trees, such as beehives.
            Fixed fake players causing tree falling, noticed on industrial foregoing
            No longer need to manually delete the old config. (Though if you made changes 
            advise you save a copy)
    1.0.9:  Fixed tile entities not being moved from mods such as forestry.
    1.0.8:  Updated forestry entries (Please delete old config if you have these trees.)
    1.0.7:  Added configs for Terra, Thaumcraft, Tropicraft and Traverse (Please delete old 
            config if you have these trees.)
    1.0.6:  Added option to animate tree falling without use of blocks (beta release)
    1.0.5:  Added some tree configs (Delete old if need to use)
            Fixed minor tree detection issue.
    1.0.4:  Stop large trees splitting in 2 when it thinks the rest of the trunk belongs to 
            another tree (uses a min radius) !!!DELETE OLD CONFIG!!!   
    1.0.3:  Drop through water for large trees, also drop drops from fallen on items in their 
            places, same for dropped leaves.
            Add forestry Trees to the config.    
    1.0.2:  Ported to 1.12.2 and set 1.10.2 for version 1.9 to 1.11.2

Forked from ternsip's chopdown mod.


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