Chiseled Me

468,983 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Incompatible with OptiFine (it just crashes) - will be fixed soon hopefully, but for now it does not work, you're not the first one to report it, thanks.

This mod allows you to become small, so small in fact that the game barely handles it.

Also you can get big.. but this is pretty useless, the main reason this mod exists is that I was fascinated about Chisel&Bits mod at the time and wanted to shrink to 1/16th of my original size to build with bits as if they were real blocks - and I succeeded by making this mod. Bits do really feel like real blocks in size, I tried my best to force the illusion. And as a side product, you can shrink to any power of two between -12 and 4 (or to any size in this range if using commands). Another side product - almost all entities (items included!) can be shrunk too (shift-click an entity or item with a recalibrator, or use a dispenser).

This is (obviously) a coremod, right now it conflicts with a lot of mods for no real reason and I will be fixing this soon (see above).

It adds some items, recipes to which you can see with JEI/NEI.

These items are pretty self-explanatory, but to get the recalibrator that makes you normal size again, you need to deplete any recalibrator(so the cheeper one you make - the more you click).

Known issues:

  •  Liquids are funky
  •  Ladders are funky
  •  Any player projectiles are funky (at least when you small)
  •  No riding(but will be in the future)

About coremods:

  • They can corrupt worlds just like any other mod can (except that maybe they have just a bit more tools for that). My mod does no specific interactions with your saves (just regular NBT to store your size as a number - all mods do that kind of stuff).
  • They DO NOT EVER corrupt you jar-files, the whole point of them is not to modify the jar but still modify the program at the point of loading classes from jar-files into RAM.
  • They MAY not work just for you for unknown reasons, but most likely they will.

If you have any issues, feel free to report them at issues page, but I will only be able to at least have a clue of how to fix them if you provide your minecraft_profile_folder/logs/debug.log file.

You can use this mod in your modpacks freely. To be nice you could also tell me something like "added to modpack XXX" but this is not required. 

If you have anything to say or discuss that is beyond a "simple question -> my answer" chain, feel free to join my Discord server at, because Curse comments and DMs are not very suited for this imo. And you can also follow my twitter if you want updates and my stuff in your feed.


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