Chiseled Me

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The mod is NOT abandoned - I am just lazy af very slow;
News as of 07.12.2021 (that's december, you cringe americans): I actually made like half of the mod for 1.16 already, probably will post some closed alphas in discord soon;

Crashes with OptiFine, gaagh - please use the latest release (version 1.12- at the time of writing).

Sounds are weird - yeah main issue of the last beta alpha release, soon to be fixed; unlikely to be fixed as I am moving to 1.16 completely, if you have this issue oh well, 1.12 is going to be abandoned I guess

Check out my other small mod (which is actually available for any version from 1.12 to 1.18) - infinite personal storage solution, subpocket, it is really cool and is not incompatible with all the mods, like this one

This mod allows you to become small, so small in fact that the game barely handles it.

Also you can get big.. but this is pretty useless, the main reason this mod exists is that I was fascinated about Chisel&Bits mod at the time and wanted to shrink to 1/16th of my original size to build with bits as if they were real blocks - and I succeeded by making this mod. Bits do really feel like real blocks in size, I tried my best to force the illusion. And as a side product, you can shrink to any power of two between -12 and 4 (or to any size in this range if using commands). Another side product - almost all entities (items included!) can be shrunk too (shift-click an entity or item with a recalibrator, or use a dispenser).

This is (obviously) a coremod, right now it conflicts with a lot of mods for no real reason and I will be fixing this soon (see above).

It adds some items, recipes to which you can see with JEI/NEI.

If you have any issues, feel free to report them at issues page, but I will only be able to at least have a clue of how to fix them if you provide your minecraft_profile_folder/logs/debug.log file.

You can use this mod in your modpacks freely. To be nice you could also tell me something like "added to modpack XXX" but this is not required. 

If you have anything to say or discuss that is beyond a "simple question -> my answer" chain, feel free to join my Discord server (link below), because Curse comments and DMs are not very well suited for this imo.


  • Discord - there are a ton of welcoming people there, as well as detailed information and updates, join
  • Patreon - some people asked for it, you can support the development of my mods I guess
  • Twitter - rare (mod-related) updates and important thoughts, this is Twitter, yes
  • Twitch - from time to time I do dev streams here, you can drop a follow