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Filename chickens-6.1.0.jar
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Uploaded Mar 26, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2   +1
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Alpha Testing


This will change your config layout, and will possibly reset dropped items to default. Just be aware of this when installing.

But this will fix the issue with some pack developers not being able to change what item a chicken can drop. Before it was a mod load order issue.


This will reset your chickens configs.. make sure you have backups to fix. 


- 3.2.0

  • Using a new item handling system for chicken drop items. You should be able to use modded items for replacing any chickens drop
  • New Chicken's only log file located in your log/chicken folder. You can now easily see chicken errors with this.



MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.4v : 

  • Small change to help with Ender IO integration to allow chickens in its spawners. 
  • Fixing server side crash when using Craft Tweaker to change spawn egg recipe. 


MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.3v : 

  • Added "The One Probe Support"
  • Fixed HWYLA 
  • Added Hardness to HenHouse
  • Colored eggs now show correct color when thrown
  • Fixed all items subitems to use correct method for creative tab checking

MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.2v : 

  • Fixed Server crash, forge/mc changed a method to be client side only. 
  • Third time is a charm........ I hope


MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.1v : 

  • Fixed broken egg textures
  • Fixed some items showing up on all creative tabs. 

MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.0v : 

  • Ported >> 1.12

 MC 1.11.2 -  5.0.1v : 

  • Fixed Hen Houses not collecting items, putting items in correctly or removing items
  • Switched Hen Houses inventory system over to new Capability
  • Fixed null item checks when chickens try to lay items
  • If a chicken is missing or disabled it now reverts the chicken or kills it. 
  • Fixed Hen houses not gaining the extra items for higher Gain chickens.
  • Added OreDiconary to colored eggs -  Vanilla & HarvestCraft ("egg", "listAllegg")


  • 1.11.2 Ported from 1.10.2
  • Refactored the code/packages
  • Updated API's for JEI and HWYLA
  • Configs were split up and switched to Jsons
  • Switched Chickens from int ID's over to StringID's(Resource locations)
  • Added some Chickens from "More Chickens" into "Chickens" (Pristine, Obsidian ,and soul sand chickens)
  • Dynamically supports custom biomes

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