477 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Ever wanted a chicken to dig a hole for you? Want to craft an OP pickaxe using 3 diamond blocks and two iron blocks as the stick? Want to drink rum and eat rum soaked chicken?? Well this little joke mod, dreamt up by a few friends Haleighen, Pau1_ and jmilthedude, as a surprise to our dude RumSoakedChicken, has just what you need! We bring you ChickenHole!



 - The Chicken Pickaxe: instamines, unbreakable, AWESOME!

 - Shift-RightClick a block with this pickaxe in hand to choose your hole! Select radius from "cute" to "CHICKEN", and speed (ranging from 1 block per tick to 1 block per second.)

 - Brew up some Rum and have a sip, but be careful. This delicious beverage can either give you strength or nausea :) Just throw a water bottle and sugar cane in a brewing stand!

 - Combine some Rum and Cooked Chicken for a very satisfying Rum Soaked Chicken!!!


NOTE: could contain bugs.. the mod.. not the chicken.


Feel free to use this in your modpack.. Don't know why you would, but go for it :)


Massive thanks to my dude Pau1_ for help with the maths. I am not as smart as he is.



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