Chest Hoppers

16,601 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 23, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Adds some hoppers with bigger inventory spaces. With the added storage the hoppers have lost the ability to suck items from above itself, but you can change this in the config. The Iron Chest Hoppers are inspired by the mod Iron Chests


Note: the 1.7.10 version doesn't have the fancy models that the 1.12.2 version has. I couldn't figure out the modeling system for 1.7.10. So I hope you are fine with just a flat top texture. Also chest upgrades don't work on the chest hoppers.


Hoppers Include:

Chest Hopper

Iron Chest Hopper

Gold Chest Hopper

Diamond Chest Hopper

Copper Chest Hopper

Silver Chest Hopper


Planned Hoppers:

Crystal Chest Hopper


Note: Does not require Iron Chests


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