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Fabric API required


Features :

World Gen:

  • Bamboo generates with Podzol in the Cherry Grove biome.

  - It is scattered around more sparsely than in Bamboo Jungles but it is still plentiful.

  • Cherries now sometimes drop from Fruitful Cherry Leaves.

  - Hanging Cherry Leaves can generate with fruit in them.

  - These can be harvested for a chance to drop Cherries, or collected for decoration with Shears.

  • Cherry Trees can now generate with a maximum of three branches (trees can branch in three different directions) rather than a maximum of two branches.
  • Rocks will now generate in Cherry Groves.



  • Cherries can be brewed into Potions of Love. 

- When applied to two Animal Entities, they will immediately breed and have a chance to breed again over the duration of the potion effect.

- These are brewed from Potions of Weakness, so weaken any entity they are applied to more effectively than weakness potions.

  • Cherries can be eaten.

  - When eaten, the player will be given two Cherry Pits, which can be thrown as projectiles.

  - If the player's inventory is full, the player will instead spit these out as projectiles.

  - If these hit a Hostile Entity, they will deal four times the damage.

  - If these land on a grass block, they will plant a Cherry Sapling.

  • Cherries can be crafted into Golden Cherries.

  - Crafted using 3 Gold Ingots in the top row of the Crafting Table, 3 Cherries in the middle row, and 3 more Gold Ingots in the bottom row.

  - These are more fulfilling than regular Cherries and they give the player 2 Golden Cherry Pits when eaten.

   - Golden Cherry Pits do more damage than regular Cherry Pits.



  • Paper Lanterns are a new light source which is crafted with 1 regular Lantern in the middle, surrounded by 8 Paper

  - Can be placed on blocks or hanging from blocks

  - When the block above is broken, the lantern will fall rather than breaking with the block

  - Canvas can be crafted with the Ingredient in the middle, surrounded by 4 Paper

  - There are currently 3 Canvas Ingredients (Leaving the middle square empty, Bamboo, Cherry Sapling)

  - Applying one of these canvases will change the appearance of the Paper Lantern - for example the Cherry Canvas will place a picture of cherry sapling on the lantern

  - Applying the Empty Canvas will remove any changes to the lantern's appearance

  - There will be more canvas types in the future + some potentially found in Archaeology