Red Gear Core

40,718 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 4, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

Red Gear Core is primary a library of classes used by most mods created by Team Red Gear.

What Does Core Do?

By itself, Core does the following things

  • Changes Glass and Ice blocks, making them "solid". This means
    • You can place torches, redstone dust, snow, levers, track, and such on them
    • Mobs will spawn on them
  • Changes Cactus to make them NOT destroy items.
  • Option to make water finite.
  • Registers a few vanilla items and blocks to the Forge Ore Dictionary
    • Coal Ore
    • Iron Ingots; Blocks
    • Gold Ingots; Blocks
    • Emerald; Blocks
    • Diamond; Blocks

These are configurable. All transformers can be changed individually, although the registration is all or nothing.


Install Forge
Download Red Gear Core
Place the .jar file into the "mods" folder.
Go down to the "Red Gear Mods" section of this post and install any number of those mods, and have fun.

Red Gear Mods

The following mods were all created by Team Red Gear and require Red Gear Core to function.


The source code for all RedGear mods is publicly available on GitHub here.
Make sure to read the license first.


  • Notch and the rest of Mojang: for creating Minecraft, and for allowing modding
  • Searge and the rest of the MCP team: for making that modding possilbe
  • Lexmagnos, CPW and the rest of the Forge and FML teams: for making modding, inter-mod compatability and mod installation way easier
  • Modders who've made tutorials, answered questions, or released open-source code: for helping me out when I'm lost and for giving Minecraft the greatest modding community on the web.


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