Cheese Mod Reborn 1.8

1,022 Downloads Last Updated: May 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.8

Welcome To My New Mod This Is A Food Related Mod

WIP Mod 

This Adds Tools,Armour,And Cheese


I Hope You Like It


No Bugs To Be Found


v1.0 Just Made Mod

This Mod Adds Cheese Grilled Cheese Cheese Armor, Cheese Sticks Cheese Tools Cheese OP Sword


Texstures for tools,armor owned By MRCrayFish CheeseStick Texture Owned By Minecraft



Armor Gives You Effects Like Speed,Resistant and Water Breathin

Tools Are Good But If You Want Something OP Use The Cheese OP Sword

Cheese Gives You 8 Food Back

Grilled Cheese Gives You 16 Food Back

Tools Are Not Expensive And Hard To Get(Maybe Adding Cheese To Spawn As A Ore)

Only OP Item  Is Cheese OP Sword


Crafting Recipes:

Still No Crafting Recipes Pics Please Use A Recipe Shower Mod For Recipes


Spend Maybe Like 2 Weeks Working On It Pls Like

     - Thanks For Reading RealGWPTeam


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