Chat Bomb

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This mod adds a block that's really a blast to use. It's just bursting with personality!



Versions 1.1.0 and lower (for Forge 1.10 and 1.11) require CompatLayer to work.

Version 1.2.0 (1.14 snapshot) requires Fabric to work.


This block is on a short fuse. If you say any trigger words near it, it'll EXPLODE!


To avoid confusion, here's the recipe:


Don't put too many in your friend's base or there'll be a lot of fall out.


Do you think this mod is dynamite, or do you think it's a dud, and this block isn't remotely practical? Tell me in the comments!


With 1.14 comes new advancements and default TNT behavior (Chat Bombs now explode with flint and steel, Redstone, flaming arrows, etc.).

Thanks to the people on the Minecraft Mod Development Discord and the Fabric Modding Discord; this mod would not exist without them!

Licensing and Permissions

The licensing is the standard type for most mods; include them in your modpacks or feature them in your YouTube videos all you like, as long as credit is given. Please send it to me too, I wanna see! The source code for this mod is publicly available on Github, under the MIT License. Click the Source link at the top to check it out.


CurseForge is the only official place to download this mod. Other sites may contain viruses or outdated versions of the mod. Read more at https://stopmodreposts.org/.

You thought there wouldn't be mushroom for any more puns but you'd be wrong.