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Filename Charm-1.15.2-1.5.9.jar
Uploaded by svenhjol
Uploaded Jun 5, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 1.33 MB
Downloads 197,926
MD5 ccc81f09ebc286bc9b01916aac630ce6
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  • Fixed issue with crates not being named after the correct wood type.
  • Fixed recipes for bookshelf chests when Quark is present.
  • Fixed oak barrel recipe.
  • Fixed pig iron giving XP when mined with silk touch.
  • Fixed crash when using homing on a non-vanilla digger. Fixes #272
  • End portals with colored runes now make the "spawn" sound when creating a portal.
  • Updated all wood-type textures.
  • Added lantern improvements. Lanterns now obey gravity and can be waterlogged.


  • Added all music discs to the minecraft music disc pool.
  • Music discs now dropped by creepers when killed by skeletons, as per vanilla mechanics.
  • Fixed Potion of Decay language string.
  • Fixed bound compass anvil naming issue.
  • Fixed bound compasses in the wrong dimension not randomly swinging.
  • Removed music track that wasn't being used, saving some filesize!
  • [1.15] Added back End Portal Runes.

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