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Filename chargepads-1.5.2-universal-
Uploaded by Myrathi
Uploaded Jul 4, 2013
Game Version 1.5.2
Size 96.70 KB
Downloads 168,794
MD5 dac877daf9927b0e0a4081ee327707de
Supported Minecraft 1.5 Versions


v2.7.1.89 - Update for IC2-1.115.325-lf API and Forge 705. Minor GUI fix. ISidedInventory fix.
v2.7.0.86 - Update for Minecraft v1.5.2 and IC2-1.115.308-lf Informative message when using kit on wrong side of pad.
v2.6.1.80 - API update (IC2-1.115.304-lf
v2.6.0.74 - Update for Minecraft v1.5.1 and IC2-1.115-lf
v2.5.0.72 - New fission charge pads! Charging Item slot access via bottom face. Efficiency Upg recipe fix.


Requires: Forge 705+ and IC²-1.115.325-lf