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Like Skygrid, but chaotic 


You find yourself in the remains of a world, that was once full of gorgeous buildings. All what's left, are random blocks floating in the air.

But your goal stays the same: Finding an endportal.

You start with nothing and your first goals should be finding some wood, crafting tools, finding stone and iron, and creating a cobblestone generator. Luckily, you can spot a few trees.


To get started, just choose the "ChaosGrid" world type when creating a new world.


This mod automatically loads every registered block and is because of that compatible with any other mod.

However, any block can be disabled via a blacklist that is found in the config file. Other parts of this mod like the amount of blocks in every chunk, can also be modified.


(1.1+) When Cloth Config API is installed (optional), you can use a config screen.



Modpack? - Yes

Older Minecraft versions? - Maybe

Fabric? - It's on my TODO list


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