Change Completely: to the depths

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Welcome to the Change Completely: to the depths page. The goal of this mod is to change the minecraft underground with new features, dungeons and mobs. Let's see the features:


- Blue Mushroom Fields: a cave biome composed of expanses of bioluminescent blue mushrooms. Mushrooms can also be cooked in a great blue soup!

- Creep Caves: A rather dangerous and slimy creeper-themed biome. You will find many creeper eggs here, but be careful not to step on them or you may be attacked by a not unhappy creeper.


- Mossy Caves: a very humid and mossy biome, with lots of moss!

- Icy Caves: Caves made up of packed ice, blue ice and the new frozen cobblestone

- Spiked caves: caves with many speleothems, be careful not to get speared!

- Quartz Caves: caves full of quartz crystals

- Volcanic Caves: a very volcano-themed hot biome!


- Honey caves: the bees thinks that beehive are too small.


- Endereyer: an eye of the Ender that has come to life and is not very happy to meet you

- Mossy skeleton: a more mossy and greener variant of the normal skeleton

- Redfish: a silverfish that came up with the idea of ​​infesting redstone ore by chemically bonding with it. Be careful now when looking for the raw material for your circuits


- Minishroom: a cute little mushroom that loves life. It can be tamed with some blue lichen.

- King Creeper: uh ... I preferred the dragon ...


- rotten planks: now any planks will be spawned underground there is a chance they will rot

- alloy forge: new block to create new alloys!

- Ignimbrite: can be transformed into slabs, stairs and bricks

- Ruby Ore: Used to craft weapons, armor, and tools

- Titanium Ore: Used to craft weapons, armor, and tools

- Sulfur ore: for those who are tired of the usual coal and of making a creeper farm

- Saltpetre Ore: Used to create spare powder and new chemical torches

- Loot block: Can be find in the creeper temple. Break it and take the loot!

- Creeper Egg: spawn in Creep Caves. Don't break them without silk touch if you want stay alive.

- Overworld Quartz Ore: can be found in quartz caves.


- Creeper meat: delicious!

- Chemical torches: unlike normal torches they can be thrown like a snowball to make your explorations brighter

- Creeper Artifacts: Issued by King Creeper, grant special powers to owners.

- Dynamite: a new way to dig with style

- New alloys obtained from the alloy forge: creeperite (created from the fusion of titanium, creepvine and gunpowder), used only for weapons and armor, redmetal (created from titanium, redstone essence and redstone), used only for tools, and anderite (created from titanium, andesite and iron). Use the power of the alloys to gain new powers and abilities to your tools and armors. Creeperite can be quite dangerous. 


- Redstone essence: dropped by redfish. The pure power of redstone.

- Creeper bucket: yes. 



- Larger and Bigger Caves: Now you can no longer complain about the size of your old caves

- Creeper Temple: a dungeon to explore and explode!

- Villager Mines: available in normal and zombie versions.

- New dungeons: if you are tired of the old ones.



- Spelunking: Dig blocks around the excavated block to find more ores.

- Probe: if you right click on any block it will tell you all its properties like F3. It also works with blocks from other mods.

- Caveman: Being underground will give you speed and haste. 


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I hope you enjoy this mod and appreciate its content! If You find a bug or want to propose ideas for the mod join the discord server:

You can use the mod in modpack or in a video freely and without problems, without mentioning any links, but of course an addition always pleases me :)

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