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- Updated all recipes in Celestial Craft
- Implemented Unique Celestial Craft crafting manager for mid tier and upper tier recipes
- All Celestial Spirit Keys have been implemented and are available with the exception of Sagittarius.
- New World Drop Item added. Spirit Essence. This item is used for all mid tier and high tier crafting and is only obtained via world drops.
- Updated Celestial craft configs for adjustable drop percentage of Spirit Essence as Well as adjustable DimensionID for the Celestial Dimension
- Revamped all Celestial Craft weapons and gave them new textures cutesy of some awesome texture artists.
- Created a new Celestial Weapon Class so damage calculation between tools and weapons is independent
- Created a Sub Celestial Weapon Class for Gunblades.
- Implemented Celestial Gunblade which is a duel purpose weapon with both ranged attack capability and melee capability.
- Celestial Gunblade ranged damage is determined by your Celestial Power (XP) as well as the distance the projectile has traveled
- Celestial Spirit Libra - has the ability while summoned to apply a slowing effect to all living entities around her with the exception of her and her owner.
- Celestial Spirit Scorpio - has the ability while summoned to apply a poison effect to all living entities around him with the exception of him and the his owner.
- Implemented the Celestial Forge which is a 5x5 Crafting Table that is used to craft mid-high tiered items.
- Reworked and Re-coded the Celestial Furnace. The celestial furnace now has two different modes Celestial Smelting and Standard Smelting. Celestial Smelting uses its own FurnaceHandler and is used to smelt/charge certain items unique to the Celestial Craft mod. A Celestial Smelt mode is indicated by the flames on the furnace turning blue and having a drastic decrease in Smelting Speed. Standard Smelting mode will continue to smelt rapidly as well as triple ore production.
- Celestial Keys - "Form a Contract" with their owner and cannot be used by other individuals. Each key also tracks how many times it has been used to summon a spirit. These values will reset if the Celestial Wizard break their contract (Player loses or destroys the key)
- The Celestial Gunblade will bind itself to its user. If another user attempted to use the Gunblade it will destroy itself due to an unstable mix of Celestial Energy from different partners.
- The Celestial Sword has had its damage increased to 15 however it is no longer enchant-able.
- Lunar Spirits have had a rework
- Cyclops have had a rework and will not drop diamonds so often.
- Celestial Gunblade has a ranged cooldown indicated by the item itself when used in range mode.
- Implementation of Celestial Talismans. The Celestial Talismans are used to form the Celestial Key along with a Keyshaft.
- Celestial Ingots can now be turned into Celestial Ingot Blocks and Back Again.
- Celestial Dimension Biomes spawning in the Nether should now be resolved.