Celestial Craft

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Filename CelestialCraft-1.7.10-v0.2-BETA.jar
Uploaded by HalestormXV
Uploaded Aug 27, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10
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Java 8


- Fixed Celestial Furnace Breaking on Punch

- Celestial Furnace Now Triples Ore Production (How about that for its cost :) )

- Created and Implemented all Gold Tiered Celestial Keys as a placeholder for the future "Celestial Spirits Rise" update

- Cleaned Up Language File

- Added some Achievements in, more to come.

- Gave the Cyclops its Revamp with custom model and texture and sounds

- Reduced Lunar Spirit Spawn Rate and Biome Locations

- Reduced Cyclops Spawn Rate and added it into the Mushroom Islands Biome (Cyclops, Mushroom it works)

- Fixed Drop Rates for Lunar Spirits

- Fixed Drops Rate and Items for Cyclops

- Fixed World Generation so now Celestial Ore should spawn in ALL dimensions except End and Nether

- Removed Strength Set Bonus from Celestial Armor and replaced it with Regeneration. (The Celestial Sword still gives the Strength bonus.)

- Added in Cultist of Neref mob, at this time it is a place holder mob.

- Added in Fallen Angel mob, at this time it is a place holder.

- Laid Foundation for Celestial Dimension

- Added the Celestial Symbol