Caterpillar mod is a drill that makes 3x3 mineshafts for you. You can add or not add any part to customize your drill.

This also has an auto Updater (that can be turned off) that will keep this mod up to date!

This is a Beta (WIP), Server is supported at this time.






This is the drill base, its used for all parts


This is the drill head, its used to drill and has the inventory for the drill.


this collects drilled items


this add torches and supports for the mine.


this fixes lava, water, gravel, sand, and holes...



Drill Heads



Upgrading, use this for any section. It goes in order Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond



Wood to Stone



Stone to Iron


Iron to Diamond


Iron to Gold


this is the inventory of the drill




You may redistribute this mod for free, as long as you place a link back to this forum and give credit.