Carroties Misc Mod

113 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 5, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Made in MCreator.

Compatible with Forge.


A mod with minor additions I felt like adding!


This mod adds to your game:

-Thorium ore, ingots, blocks, tools and armour

-Knives, fast, less durable weapons


-Berry Pie

-A Musket and Musketballs as ammo

-Meager Meat, dropped by animals that never used to drop meat e.g. Llamas, can be cooked into Cooked Meat

-Fin, dropped by dolphin, inedible, but can be made into edible Fin-soup (:

-A God Sword for creative (able to instant-kill the dragon)

-Chocolate and Normal variants of Doughnut

-An old kiwi favourite, Milo!




This and the MCreator version are the only official versions of my mod, if you see this mod anywhere else it is a ripoff and you will be installing it at your own risk.



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