240 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 1, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

CarpentryCraft adds a more immersive way to craft wood items.

Adds a sawmill and woodworking tools as well as more woodworking machines(i.e. lathe) in the near future!

The hammer, nails and chisel do not currently have uses but will be used in machines in later updates.

The handsaw is used to craft logs into planks and planks into sticks. Each log crafts into 6 planks. Each plank crafts into 4 sticks.

The sawmill is essentially an upgraded handsaw. Each log crafts into 8 planks, and each plank crafts into 6 sticks. (Note this is WIP)


Future update plans will be: adding a sculpting feature for wood, lathe, new woods, polished planks, other decorative blocks/items.



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