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Requires Pollen Website Discord Twitter Patreon

🪓 An expansion of every carpenter's arsenal.
Carpenter introduces Chests and Bookshelves for every wood type, expanding your building arsenal. Every block is carefully designed around maximum usefulness and flexibility, and you'll find them in your world in structures such as villages, where they replace their vanilla counterparts where fit.

Structure Tweaks

  • Villages: Bookshelves and chests use the respective wood from the village
  • Stronghold: All oak wood is replaced with spruce, including bookshelves, chests, doors
  • Mansion: Bookshelves and chests are replaced with Dark Oak variants
  • Bastions: Chests replaced with crimson chests

📦 Mod Compatibility
This mod is designed to be easily tappable into by other mods, allowing other developers to add wood variants without too much of an issue. Make sure to reach out if you add compatibility and want your mod to be added to the following list!

Come back later for a list of mods which integrate with Carpenter!