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This mod will add a 3D REAL LOOKING Car into the game. Easy to download and FUN to use! You use the WASD keys to drive but you can change that in the config file. Pick up your friends in the back seat and drive off. Do jumps race whatever you want! Please download and have some fun. This mod is by CoolDude450 aka SamHaire and is now open to public. I am trying to update the version as hard as I can. I have a topic about as well. I have always wanted to make a mod that adds a CAR into the game. I need lots of time and ideas with the car model. I am working on the 1.5.2 update version also the 1.6 version. It goes up to 100 MPH and works with LAN. I hope you all like this mod.

Mod Needs Forge!

Also try this mod: http://www.pylo.si/mcreator/sites/default/files/modifications/Powercraft%5B1.0%5D.zip



+ Added More Colors For Car

- Removed Air Bags (They Crashed The Game)


+ Added Back Center Seat

- Removed Junk Files


+ Added Better Model

+ Added 2nd Seat


CoolDude450 (SamHaire)

Colby Ratel (RRatel)


Coming Soon!