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ME Capability Adapter


This mod adds only one block, an "ME Capability Adapter", it basically allows Applied Energistics connections over things that proxies capabilities, such as Compact Machines 3 Tunnels.


Requires Applied Energistics 2, obviously. Not tested with Applied Energistics 2 forks (such as Applied Llamagistics), may or may not work. 

Also requires Shadowfacts' Forgelin as the mod is now written in Kotlin.

Note: Requires one at both ends, also can only carry 8 channels. This is also something I made for my own use and thought that others may find it useful.

Update: The Full block version can now carry 32 channels, the bus version is limited by the cable it is on. So 8, but it *is* capable of handling 32 channels... assuming you can get multiple of them to link together. 

Credits: AE2 Team for AE2 and the textures which I based mine off.