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If you need to eat yourself or even others to survive... Would you do it?

This mods adds in the ability for players to use themselves as a source of food when the time calls for it.


Wooden KnifeFlint KnifeStone KnifeGold KnifeIron KnifeDiamond Knife

Knifes: Shift-right clicking them will cause the user to take 2.5 - 3 hearts of damage and drop one piece of their flesh. Additionally, right-clicking on other mobs that would normally drops food (including villagers) will cause them to drop their respective meat and take damage according to this scale:

Cows: 1.25 ~ 1.5 hearts of damage.

Chickens: Set to kill the chicken as they drop their bodies as food.

Pigs: 1.25 ~ 1.5 hearts of damage.

Sheeps: 1.25 ~ 1.5 hearts of damage.

Villagers (Shift-click): 2.5 ~ 3 hearts of damage.

Witches: 2.5 ~ 3 hearts of damage. Rumors states that you'll have to be insane to eat the flesh of a witch

Zombies: 2.5 ~ 3 hearts of damage.

Other Players: 2.5 ~ 3 hearts of damage.


Player FleshCooked Player Flesh

Player Flesh: Raw Player flesh (Left) restores 2 hunger while Cooked Player flesh (Right) restores 4. Drops when player dies or via knife or by using the knife on them. If the Wendigo is enable, the player will receive extra hunger and saturation depending on how high their wendigo level is.

Villager FleshCooked Villager Flesh

Villager Flesh: Raw Villager flesh (Left) restores 2 hunger while Cooked Villager flesh (Right) restores 4. Drops when villager dies or by using the knife, while sneaking, on them. If the Wendigo is enable, the player will receive extra hunger and saturation depending on how high their wendigo level is.

Witch Flesh: Cannot be cooked, and restores 2 hunger when eaten. Due to the corrupted state of the flesh, it will also inflicts a Harming II potion effect. If the Wendigo is enable, the player will receive extra hunger and saturation depending on how high their wendigo level is.


Wendigo: Summoned (Once for each player) when someone had became too much of a cannibal. It's a powerful creature with 50 hearts and high knockback resistance. It will deal 5 hearts of damage to the player regardless of armor and potion effects along with knocking them up into the air. The mob is disabled by default.

Wendigo Level Mechanic: (Only enabled if the Wendigo is enabled)

This represents how far down the player has gone in term of cannibalism, and will reset when it reaches a high enough point along with causing a Wendigo to spawn near the player proximity (~25 blocks). Dying will also cause the reset to happen, but with no Wendigo spawns. Eating Player Flesh, Witch Flesh, or Villager Flesh will cause the player's level to increase.

Depending on how high a player's level is, they will receive a Speed I/II, Strength III, and/or resistance II and adsorption (5 hearts) buff at the cost of a higher hunger drain, depending on how far down they've gone. When the player reaches the halfway point to having a Wendigo spawn, they will get a temporary dose of Nausea and Blinding.

JSON configs:

Can be found here at my GitHub


For debugging purpose, the mod provide a op command that can regulate a player's wendigo level
/cannibalism stat <player name>: Print out that player's current wendigo level
/cannibalism set <player name> <new value>: Changes that player's wendigo level to the new value specified.

Config Options:

By default, the player will use its own "hurt" sound when the knife is used. This can be changed to use the Ghast's sceam sound in the mod's config file or via Forge's config GUI found in the mods list tab. You can also change the sound's pitch along with the amount of blood particles that spawns from getting knifed (If you don't like blood, setting it to zero will disable it).

You can enable or disable the Wendigo along with its mechanic there as well.

This can be found by going to the main main and clicking on the "Mods" tab. You may need to do some scrolling if multiple mods are installed





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