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You get there by eating a Warped Pop.

You get out of the Dimension by eating an Return Pop.

This Mod adds 12 Biomes to explore and many Structures (More to them in the Images Section)

And also adds 16 new mobs

You can craft a Guidebook to guide you through the mod.


There also 49 new Advancements to get

Offical Candylands Youtube Channel:



Licorice Dungeon

Under a Licorice Tree is a Dungeon for the tyrannic Licorice Cyclops. You get in there by opening the lock with a key.

When you entered the Dungeon first the Little Licorice Cubes need to be killed otherwise you aren´t going to have a good time while the boss battle.


Chocolate Tower

A big tower found in the cookie´s dream biomes full of cookie witches wich want to protect their treasures.

 Inside the Tower.

Marshmallow Pirate Ship

A floating ship full of the dangerous Marshmallow Pirates

If you kill enough of them they summon their leader wich is a very strong guy.

Some cool Mod showcases by: De Verloren Gamer by: Mors by: Im2Boring4This by: Jesus SC by: spj2401 by: Game to Voices by: 和音GAMES



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Known Issues

-Cotton Candy Spiders don´t have a beastiary entry

-Wall Jam Torch and Sugarstick Ladders Have a Blocky Bounding Box

-The Sweet Juice Advancement can´t be achieved.

-The Wall Jam Torch Model doesn´t match the vanilla one

-Jam Torches play there placingsound double

-Jam Torches randomly get destroyed by Blockupdates

-Cotton Candy Carpets don´t get destroyed when the block underneath them is air

-Candylands Barrel Rotation is broken

-Some Ice Cream Man Trades are broken

-Some X-Ray Issues with some Candylands Slabs

-Some X-Ray Issues with some with Sticky Logs

-Sugarfishes can´t be picked up with Chocolate Buckets

-Cotton Candy (Carpet) doesn´t have breaking Animation

-Respawn Anchors work in Candylands

-Sometimes Lava generates in Candylands















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