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Candy World - ReCaramelized

Candy World



Candy World - ReCaramelized is a continuation of the Candy World mod by ochotonida which is a mod that adds various food items through world generation, mobs, and crafting recipes. In the current version, three biomes and four mobs are added which can be found in the custom dimension, or rarely in the overworld. 



Gummy SwampChocolate Forest


List of Content/Features

Below is a list which covers most features added by this mod.


Almost everything added by this mod can be found in the overworld, but by traveling to the Candy World you won't have to worry about finding the biomes. To travel to this dimension you have to craft a Magic Piece of Candy, which will teleport you after being eaten. (I highly recommend using a mod like JEI to do this) This item is single use, but doesn't get consumed when traveling to the dimension, to guarantee a way back home. More of these can be found generating underground in the dimension.



There are currently  types of tools that can be crafted, chocolate and cotton candy. There are also new crafting tables, so you don't have to bring your own when travelling to the dimension. The tools, just like everything else in this mod, can be eaten. To do this simply sneak right-click. The amount of food restored depends on both the type of tool and its durability.



The biomes added by this mod are quite hard to come by due to their rarity, but are well worth the search for the near-limitless supply of food they provide.
  • Cotton Candy Plains: The main food item to be found here is cotton candy. Brownies can also be found here as the soil blocks, and the trunks of the trees are made of candy cane blocks. A pickaxe is recommended to cut down the trees.
  • Chocolate Forest: Milk, white and dark chocolate are commonly found in this biome, but other items, such as wafer sticks, also generate here. Cookie ore can be found in abundance here, but can also generate in the other biomes added by this mod.
  • Gummy Swamp: This biome is the most colorful one of the bunch, with its five different types of gummy that make up the terrain. Giant gummy worms can be commonly found here.


New mobs can be found in the biomes added, each with their own quirks.

  • Candy Cotton Sheep: These creatures, which can be found in the candy cotton plains, look like regular sheep, but their fur consists of cotton candy instead of wool. They can be harvested with a stick, and will regrow their fur by eating cotton candy grass or when bone meal is applied to them. Bred with sugar.
  • Easter Chicken: Native to the chocolate forest, these chickens can lay three types chocolate eggs (milk, white and dark). Feeding them chocolate will accelerate this process. Easter chickens can be bred with wafer sticks.
  • Gummy Mice: These little creatures inhabit the the gummy swamp, but will try to run away when players get too close.
  • Gummy Bears: Gummy bears can be found roaming the gummy swamp, although they are a little rarer than their mouse counterpart. Just like the mice, they come in the five colors of gummy commonly found in their habitat. 





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