CameraOverhaul (Forge)

268,910 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 22, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +1

A forge port of CameraOverhaul!



What's this?!

It's a clientside mod that attempts to improve overall satisfaction of the game through the introduction of various camera rotations, to emphasize on the player's movement and improve visual feedback. Strafing and turning around will tilt the camera sideways. Jumping, falling, and moving forward/backwards will affect the camera's pitch.


Can I turn off X and only keep Y?

You can find the configuration file with intensity scaling for all features at ".minecraft/config/cameraoverhaul.json". Set a factor to 0.0 to turn the feature off. You can also use negative numbers there, if that's your thing.


Compatibility Notes:

A lot of camera shaking occurs when Performant is paired with this, I'd personally remove Performant.


Support the original author:

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Note from Corgi Taco: This port was done as a commission and reflects Camera Overhaul v1.2.2. Patches/bug fixes are not guaranteed or prioritized.