Calm Mornings

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aboutA mod born out of frustration on how the current sleeping system in Minecraft works.
Are you tired of waking up and walking outside only to be immediately assaulted by a wandering hoard of mobs? Do you wish that you could go to sleep full well knowing that when you wake up your base will not be under threat of being demolished by a bush monster?
Well then this is the mod for you! Calm Mornings makes it so upon waking, all hostile mobs within a configurable radius around the player are forcefully despawned. Saving your base from daytime raids, and making your morning strolls a bit calmer. 


How it works:
Calm Mornings can either grab any entity if they are of type MONSTER(excluding a select few) or will match the mobs from a user defined list in the configs. Upon the player finishing sleeping, having not slept too close to morning(configurable) and slept for long enough(configurable), as well as the gotten entities not being around other non-sleeping players(configurable), Calm Mornings will despawn the gotten entities around the player. The area in which it checks for mobs around the player scales depending on the current difficulty of the world(configurable).


Works great with Mob Sunscreen, Burn in the Sun & Hourglass 
FaqQ: Will you make a Fabric version?
A: Not within the foreseeable future. This could change as I get better at modding, but for now, the answer is no.

Q: Update when?
A: 1.19.3 is my last planned update for this mod, but don't worry! I plan on taking the features of this mod and implementing it into another sleep related mod that has a bit of a larger scope than just despawning entities when the player wakes up.
I will still fix any existing bugs with this mod, just no major updates/features will come going forward.

Q: Please backport to X version!
A: No.


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