CakeIsALie Mod

36,253 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 13, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4   +2


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CakeIsALie mod add 26 cakes and 5 potions into Minecraft :

Chocolate cake, Apple cake, Gold apple cake, trapped cake, poisoned cake, lava cake, basque cake, redstone cake, brownie, chocolate mousse, cookies cake, ender cake, pumpkin cake, spiced cake, sandy cake, stars cake, watermelon cake, nordic cake, anniversary cake, Paris-Brest cake, hamburger, cheesecake, chocolate roll, carrot cake, slime cake.


And Hunger potion, Suffocation potion, kamikaze potion, frosted potion, slime potion.




You cannot decompile/edit my mod without my permission!

You can add my mod into your modpack if you add me into credit!

Have fun :D



Changelog :


5.1.1 (minecraft 1.8.9)

- Fixed issues with older cakes

- Change all cakes textures

- Change sandy recipe

- Change meat cake to Hamburger and his recipe

- Add Muffins

- Add Slime effect to the slime cake


4.05 (minecraft 1.7.10) :

- fixed the crash problem with creeper.

- change few cakes textures


4.04 (minecraft 1.7.10) :

- added 5 new cakes

- updated to minecraft 1.7.10


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