CACADD - A Caves and cliffs addon!

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This is an official addon of Caves and Cliffs mod [click me] and the C&C mod is required if you want to make THIS mod work.



Remember to check out or modding team discord! FrozenBlockModdingOasis [click me]


Why joining the discord? You can tell us your ideas or report bugs!


 2021.1-pre1 Changelog:


Icy caves

 terraformed with slabs and stairs

 has icy grass on the ground and snow layers

 icy dripstones!


- Lava Caves

 terraformed with slabs and stairs

 has lava grass on the ground

 Lava eruptive columns!


- Infested Caves

 Has infested grass on the ground ( use sugilite boots to dont get poisoned )

 has huge mushrooms

 various plants


- Glow Caves

usualy underwater, these caves have a HUGE amount of stuff, RGB prismarine, glowing kelps, vines, and more... all adapted to an underwater biome ( these biomes can be located via glowing lilypads!






Osmioo, Liukrast, Uberbora


Designer and graphics:
Liukrast, Machao, Uberbora



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