Bygone Nether

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Filename bygonenether-1.2-1.18.2.jar
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Uploaded Jul 21, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
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  • Soul stone is no longer the only base block for constructing the wither
  • Cracked nether bricks and blackstone slabs have been retextured
  • Added withered blackstone stair and slab variants
  • Added withered basalt, withered coal, and withered quartz, found in catacomb generation
  • Added warped enderpearls, which don't damage the player, and grants situationally protective potion effects. Dropped by warped endermen and found in citadel chests
  • Added the Corpor, a brutish wither skeleton, that is slow yet deals significant damage. Spawns in catacombs
  • Added the Wither Skeleton Knight, an armored wither skeleton, whose armor can be broken before defeat. Spawns in catacombs
  • Added the Wraither, a speedy and possessed wither skeleton, whose inhabiting wex will escape upon near death. Spawns in catacombs
  • Added stonecutting and crafting recipes for blackstone stair and slab variants
  • Structures now spawn in biomes from Oh the Biomes You'll Go for 1.18.2+
  • Adjusted generation of structures to be more common
  • Added new pieces to fortress generation
  • Overhauled catacomb design