Bygone Nether

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Filename bygonenether-1.0.0-1.18.2.jar
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Uploaded Apr 4, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
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Java 17
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  • Withered Blackstone + variants and Withered Debris added, which naturally generate in catacombs, and can only be broken by netherite-tiered items
  • Soul Stone added, which generates in soul sand valleys
  • Blackstone split into stone and cobbled variants, like overworld stone


  • Added gilded netherite armor, a higher tier than netherite. Craft it by placing netherite armor and golden armor in the smithing table. The gild will wear off at the speed of gold, yielding the original netherite armor with the durability at the time of crafting. It will then need to be reapplied


  • Unprovoked, neither piglins nor piglin brutes will attack players equipped with Gilded Netherite. Piglin Brutes treat players wearing gilded netherite armor like piglins treat players wearing gold
  • Added the Wex, vex-like wither mobs that swarm catacombs
  • Added the Piglin Prisoner, which spawns as a hostage in catacomb ribs and will pick up any gold-tiered gear the player drops to them
  • Added the Piglin Hunter, which spawns in piglin manors
  • Added the Warped Enderman, a hostile enderman variant that spawns in citadels


  • Bastions now generate only in Basalt Deltas
  • Nether Fortresses now generate only in Nether Wastes
  • Catacombs now generate in Soul Sand Valleys
  • Piglin Manors now generate in Crimson Forests
  • Citadels now generate in Warped Forests
  • Bastions generate with cobbled blackstone instead of blackstone