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📖 About:


A Nether structure mod for Minecraft 1.16.5+ aiming to advance the lore behind the nether dimension, as well as provide additional challenges and compelling gameplay in the survival game mode.


Explore new structures unique to each Nether biome, as well as the new mobs that inhabit them. Includes a redesign to fortresses and addition of Bastion Remnants to the Basalt Deltas. See the Images Tab for Spoilers!


Listen to the soundtrack on SoundCloud. This is my first mod in release. Check out my others, and keep an eye out for more! Please considering supporting me below, as that will allow me more time for updates and fixes.



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🍳 Recipes:


Gilded Netherite (Smithing Table):


Wither Summoning (Block Place):


❗ Dependencies:


No Other Mod Dependencies!


📦 Integrations with other mods:

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🕷 Report Bugs below


✔️ Fixes to Old Issuestldr: just update Bygone Nether and Forge ):


  • Issue: Amplified Nether crashes game; Fix: Update the mod to v1.3.1 or later
  • Issue: Piglin prisoners don't attack hoglins; Fix: Update the mod to v1.2.2 or later
  • Issue: Withered Debris not breakable by higher tiers than netherite; Fix: Update the mod to v1.2.2 or later
  • Issue: Structures overlap constantly; Fix: Update the mod to v1.2.2 or later
  • Issue: Cobbled blackstone recipes seem broken; Fix: Update the mod to v1.2.2 or later
  • Issue: Can't craft chiseled deepslate; Fix: Update the mod to v1.2.1 or later
  • Issue: Can't spawn wither; Fix: Update the mod to v1.2 or later
  • Issue: Resource packs for piglin brutes cause misaligned textures; Fix: Update the mod to v1.0.1 or later
  • Issue: Subtitles missing localization; Fix: Update the mod to v1.1.2 or later
  • Issue: Basalt columns spawn inside bastion remnants, replacing chests; Fix: Update the mod to v1.1.2 or later
  • Issue: Cobbled blackstone won't smelt into blackstone; Fix: Update the mod to v1.1.2 or later


  • Issue: Gilded Netherite armor recipe doesn't work; Fix: Update to v1.3.1 or later


  • Issue: Game crash on Warped Enderman tick due to RandomSource; Fix: Update mod to v1.2.2. or later


  • Issue: Can't /locate any structures except the fortress; Fix: Update mod to v1.1.1 or later


  • Issue: Fortress advancement is not localized; Fix: Update mod to v1.2.2 or later
  • Issue: NoClassDef ForgeSpawnEggItem; Fix: Update Forge to 1.16.5-36.2.17 or later
  • Issue: Fortress and Catacomb spawner blocks don't spawn mobs (WAWLA displays: <ERROR>); Fix: Update mod to v1.0.3 or later
  • Issue: Server crashes due to bygonenether.mixins.json:RepairOlderStructureSpawners; Fix: Update mod to v1.1.1 or later
  • Issue: Wex attack animation displays error texture; Fix: Update mod to v1.1.2 or later


🤍 Acknowledgements:

Special Thanks to: Telepathic GruntSizable Shrimp, Commoble, and Cadiboo from the Mod Development Discord for their assistance and direction during the development process.