Buzzier Bees

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* Hoppers can pull Honey Blocks out of Honey Pots

* Hoppers can insert Honey Blocks and Honeycombs into Honey Pots

* Apiarists now give the player custom items if they have Hero of the Village

* Bonemealing Flowers and Tall Flowers can now be disabled via config



* Candles can now be lit and unlit, similar to campfires

* Moved Scented Candle advancements to the End category

* Honeycomb Bricks & Tiles use Honeycomb Block sounds

* Lowered Apiarist house rates

* Honey Blocks now pop out of Honey Pots like Bone Meal from Composters

* Honeycombs now have a 1/3 chance of raising the level in Honey Pots

* Honey Pots render transparency again, but show no break animation (Forge bug)

* Honey Pots now output comparator values 

* Apiarists no longer buy Planks, they instead sell shears

* Wax Block is now a Storage Block

* Honeycomb Blocks can no longer be crafted back into Honeycombs

* Honey Pot recipe now uses Bricks instead of Terracotta

* Changed Apiarist Bee Bottle trade

* Updated Apiarist House structures

* Bugs from bottles are now persistent

* Texture updates for Pink & White Clovers

* Texture updates for Honey Apples, Honey Bread, and Glazed Porkchops

* Texture updates for vanilla wood Beehive variants



* Added wax to the #forge:wax tag

* Made flowers from Botania not be able to be duplicated via bonemeal

* Added & updated Scented Candle compatibility for upcoming Environmental flowers

* Candle recipes now use a #buzzier_bees:candle_base tag for the base

* Candle recipes now use a #buzzier_bees:candle_wick tag for the wick

* Dyed and Scented Candles now work with Quark oddities's Matrix Enchanting

Bug Fixes

* Beehives in structures now rotate properly

* Zombie Apiarist now reuse Apiarist texture to be consistent

* Fixed Scented Candle advancements to not including compatibility candles

* Fixed Searocket Scented Candle recipes

* Improved Candle performance

* Fixed issues with Just Enough Resources

* Fixed Soul Candle Loot Table







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