Killing an animal nets barely a few bits, maybe some meat and a few leathers, and then the rest just disappears. Such a waste!


Butchercraft changes that by adding a butchering system. It goes through every step from slaughter to cooking, netting much more than before by breaking down the entire animal.


  • Forge - This is a Forge only mod.
  • Farmer's Delight - Butchercraft is heavily integrated with Farmer's Delight and thus requires it.


  • Butcherknife - A razor sharp blade made to swiftly slaughter an animal and cut through meat.
  • Meathook - A set of metal hooks along a bar to hang carcasses from. Makes butchery easier especially with large creatures.
  • Drying Rack - A simple set of shelves that dry items out by leaving them in the open air.
  • Food! - Tons of new types of meat and recipes to go with them.

Modpack Makers:

The following things can be edited and added to via JSON datapacks:

  • Meathook - Uses a somewhat complex system to load a block or item model then animate them. Takes a single item, outputs loot tables.
  • Butcher Knife - Uses a loottable, activated when right clicking on specified entity.
  • Drying Rack - Nearly identical to a cooking recipe. One item in, one item out.


  • Q: Can I use this in my modpack?
    • A: Of course! Just follow the rules of the license, don't rehost the jar, and don't claim the mod as your own.


  • Q: Can you backport?
  • A: No, never ask a modder that.