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Filename buildinggadgets-3.2.0.jar
Uploaded by Error_MiKeY
Uploaded Aug 22, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 1,023.84 KB
Downloads 7,817
MD5 31fe8e6f5596fb99d45160ac40ee51ac
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[3.2.0 - 1.14.4] - 2020-08-22


  • Improved the Destruction Gadgets Gui to be more clear when an area is out of bounds.


  • Removed undo from Exchanger as it should have never had it in the first instance


  • Fixed silk touch enchange with the Exchanger. #487
  • Fixed #511 exchanger would not exchange mutated states of the same block.
  • Fixed #511 exchanger would incorrectly validate visible sides
  • Fixed Exchanger being able to exchange over an effect block...
  • Fixed Copy Paste Gadget no respecting blacklist #450 (backport)
  • Fixed Inventory weirdness #450 #417 #513 (backport)
  • Fixed Copy Paste Gadgets rotation failing to rotate blocks correctly. #492 (backport)
  • Fixed Charging Station not giving a bucket back after using it's contents. #411
  • Fixed crash related to client only code running on the server #416
  • Fixed a translation issue with Binding and unbinding your Gadget to an inventory.
  • Fixed translation gaps in the translation files. #458
  • Fixed Copy Paste mode names being all caps
  • Fixed tile entity overlapping missing render...
  • Fixed Leaves being placed without their persistent state being set (meaning they'd vanish) #386
  • Fixed our Gadgets being used by a battery by other mods #373
  • Fixed crashing when an inventory cap is delayed or missing due to other mods. #461 #465 (actually fixed a bit ago but forgot to mention it in the changelog)

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