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Filename BuildingGadgets-2.7.4.jar
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Uploaded Nov 7, 2019
Game Version Forge
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Full CHANGELOG on Github

[2.7.4 - 1.12.2] - 2019-11-07

Release note: We're nearing the final versions of Building Gadgets for Minecraft 1.12 and will be winding down on the release schedule. 1.14 is going strong and we'd recommend you check it out :D


  • Back ported a feature from 1.14 that disabled the Gadgets tooltip for power if the config is set to 0 for max-power
  • Back ported a feature from 1.14 that allows you to disable absolute coords mode for the Copy and Paste gadget to mask coords.


  • Bumped forge version to


  • Disabled other mods from being able to use the gadgets as a battery
  • Stopped leaves decaying when placed by the the gadgets
  • Fixed the Surface mode on the Building & Exchanging gadget using the wrong radius

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