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Filename buildinggadgets-3.1.1b.jar
Uploaded by Error_MiKeY
Uploaded Nov 2, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 1.00 MB
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Full CHANGELOG on GitHub

[3.1.1b - 1.14.4]

A small note to this release: we know about chests not rendering in the in-game render. Please do not report this as it'll be fixed in the next version. Sorry about that.


  • Wall modes increased their size in an arbitrary direction when given an even range
  • Creative Paste container cannot absorb ConstructionPaste
  • Charging station (and theoretically also the disabled TemplateManager) sometimes dupes Items in slots 3-11 and applies them as armor
  • Copy-Paste Gadget now properly renders copied tile data
    • notice that none is copied atm though


  • Config option for the destruction Gadget's max dimensions, which defaults to 16 as before
  • Config option to disable Absolute coords mode in the Copy Paste Gadget #284
  • Added the ability to turn gadgets into non-powered mode when there max power config is set to 0. This means you can have the option of needing power to use the gadgets or not needing power. This is on by default... Duh #383
  • Added a rough estimate of blocks that'll be needed depending on the gadgets range. You'll find it in the tool tip :)


  • Rewrote the Item Handling System
    • this included as a side effect to allow other mods to pull or push into paste-containers
  • Rewrote the Undo System
    • All Gadgets (including the Exchanger) now have an undo
    • Undo's have a configurable size, which truncates existing undos when set smaller
    • Undo's store last-modified timestamp to allow for clearing commands in the future
  • Rewrote the Copy-Paste-Gadget and Template Manager
    • Template's now have an almost infinite size and block limit
    • The size is restricted by a config value, to prevent Servers from being overwhelmed by too large builds
      • This can be overwritten using the OverwriteBuildSize or the OverwriteCopySize commands respectively
      • Another command (ForceLoadChunks) exists to allow a copy or build to force load chunks
      • All commands are available for Server admins with permission level 2 and above
    • Templates can now be build and copied with a certain config-controlled-amount of blocks per tick
    • The Template format has received an overhaul
      • Template's consist of header and body
      • the body contains all the necessary build information, whereas the header contains information for the person creating the Template
        • You can change name and author of a copied TemplateHeader, but all other changes won't have an effect or even prevent it from being copied (in case of version or mc_version)
      • notice that we are releasing the format as version "2-beta" in case we need to do some changes after we released
        • The old version "1" format is not supported
    • The Items which can be converted into a Template are now determined by the buildinggadgets:template_convertible Item tag
  • Completely updated the look of the Template Manager Gui
    • Bigger preview render for all the fullscreen (full gui) goodness,
    • Cleaned up the Ui components
    • Improved the performance of the render :+1:

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