Builder's Bag


Builder's Bag


Builder's Bag is a mod that ties together many different building-oriented mods and improves quality of life significantly when building.
The main idea of the mod is to add a bag stores blocks and other resources and uses those resources when you are building.
Note however, that it is not supposed to be a backpack or replace other building tools completely.
There are five tiers of bags, all are fully configurable on how much they store and what features they have.


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Features of the Bag:

To open the bag, sneak and right click it.
The first and most trivial feature is the block selector.
Just open the bag and place any block into the golden slot at the top (the block isn't consumed).
Then, place blocks in the bag and just start placing them by right clicking the bag like it was a normal block.


Alternatively, you can also do pick-block (Middle Mouse by default) to select a block when you have a bag in your hand:


The internal storage of the bag can be compacted by clicking the handy "Auto-Compact" button:


There is also a neat Selection Wheel which can be opened by holding left alt by default:

You can switch pages by using the arrows or scrolling up or down.

You can filter for specific modules that are enabled in the bag:

And even add blocks to a "Palette", which can be accessed as its own filter. Right click to toggle adding/removing a block to the palette.

If a bag has a Palette, you can cycle through that palette without having to open the wheel by sneaking and scrolling up or down to switch through the blocks:


All other features are made into "modules". These modules provide specific behavior to the bag.
Modules can be toggled with a simple left click.
Certain Modules have an internal inventory. To open/close that, shift + left click the module.

Vanilla Modules:

Randomness Module:

The Randomness Module ignores the selected block and just selects any of the blocks
that the bag has or can create. More on creating blocks later.
By default, it is unlocked with the Beginner Bag.


Supplier Module:

The Supplier Module makes sure that you never run out of the blocks that you are placing,
as long as you still have enough materials in the bag.
By default, it is unlocked with the Expert Bag.


Crafting Module:

The Crafting Module is one of the most useful modules, because it can actually
create new blocks, like mentioned earlier. Basically, if it is enabled, it just tries
to create the block that you want to place with materials from the bag. It will also craft
items that are needed to craft blocks and place those in the bag, but note that you can only
remove them but can't put them back (as the bag is not a backpack). This all works together with
previously mentioned features, so the supplier module can tell the crafting module that it needs certain
resources. Just make sure your bag doesn't fill up, as it will dump excess items in your inventory.
By default, it is unlocked with the Masterful Bag.



Modded modules:

Chisel Module:

The Chisel Module is only available if the Chisel Mod is installed. It requires a chisel in its
internal inventory to work. It provides a similar functionality to the Crafting module, but just that
it provides chiselable blocks for all blocks that you have (or can create) in your bag. What this means,
is that if you have Oak logs in your Bag and also have the Crafting Module enabled, you will be able to create
chiseled oak planks.
By default, it is unlocked with the Regular Bag.


Little Tiles Module:

The Little Tiles Module is only available if the Little Tiles Mod is installed. When the module is enabled,
it shows all blocks that the bag has/can create in any LittleTiles block selection GUI (For example when using the
Little Chisel). It will then create the required pixels from materials in the bag. Any excess pixels will be deposited
in the bag. Note though, that the bag will not be able to provide color units, those still need to be deposited
in a regular Little Bag.
By default, it is unlocked with the Advanced Bag.


Chisels and Bits Module:

The Chisels and Bits Module is only available if the Chisels and Bits Mod is installed. It requires a Chisel
with sufficient durability in its inventory. When you build with bits (by using the bit item) and you run out of bits,
the module will create new bits for you, provided you have the required materials in your bag. It will deposit the bits in
a bit bag in your inventory, so make sure you have one!
By default, it is unlocked with the Advanced Bag.



Other Compatibilities:


The Builder's Bag is also compatible with the Linear Mod. When using Linear to normally drag-place blocks,
if the Supplier Module is enabled, the bag will make sure that you don't run out of blocks when placing.

The bag itself can also be used to drag-place blocks. This is extremely useful, because you can also randomize-place blocks.


Better Builder's Wands:

If Better Builder's Wands is installed, the wands can pull blocks from the bag, if the Supplier Module is enabled:



The mod also has compatibility with Botania. The Wand of Shifting crust can pull blocks from the Bag, if the Supplier Module is enabled:

Certain Botania Items that can provide blocks, like the Rod of the Lands, Rod of the Depths, Black Hole Talisman or the Ender Hand can now be

inserted into the bag. The bag will pull the resources from these items when performing operations:



When Baubles is installed, the Bag can be inserted into the Belt slot. If there is a bag in the Belt Slot, it can

be opened by pressing a Hotkey, R by default.


Building Gadgets:

When Building Gadgets is installed, the Gadgets (Building Gadget, Replacement Gadget and Copy/Paste Gadget) can pull resources from the bag



Since bag upgrading preserves the contents of the bag, there is a custom Crafttweaker command to let you also register these types of recipes:

This type of recipe is needed because it preserves the contents of the bag that is used in its recipe.


 * Adds a shaped bag upgrade recipe


mods.buildersbag.addBagUpgradeRecipeShaped(String name, IItemStack output, IIngredient[][] ingredients, @Optional IRecipeAction action)


 * Adds a shapeless bag upgrade recipe


mods.buildersbag.addBagUpgradeRecipeShapeless(String name, IItemStack output, IIngredient[] ingredients, @Optional IRecipeAction action)

Alternatively, you can also use the recipe function that has been exposed, which can be used in many different recipe registration commands, like for example with recipe stages:

mods.recipestages.Recipes.addShaped("one", <buildersbag:builders_bag_tier_two>, [[<minecraft:stone>, <minecraft:iron_ingot>, <minecraft:stone>], [<ore:plankWood>, <buildersbag:builders_bag_tier_one>, <ore:plankWood>], []], mods.buildersbag.upgradeFunction);

The function is accessed with: mods.buildersbag.upgradeFunction




Crafting Recipes:



Everything Together!
The best thing about the bag is, that the modules communicate with eachother to create what blocks you need. This means
that for example, if you want to place chiseled plank bits and have logs, the bag will create planks first, then chisel
those planks (and only exactly how many you need), and then create bits out of those planks. It is extremely modular
and can be easily be expanded upon by other mods. Someone could (for example) make a Furnace Module, that can automatically
smelt blocks as they're needed.

Here are a few fun gifs that show everything together:




Other Addons:


Planned Compatibilities/Features:

- Support for Quark's IBlockProvider -> Base Mod Done

- Vanilla Enderchest, EnderStorage and Furnace Module -> New Addon

- Effortless Building integration -> Base Mod (POSTPONED to 1.16+)

- Building Gadgets integration -> Base Mod Done

- AE2 and RS Module -> New Addon

- Pick-Block to select blocks -> Base Mod Done

- Bauble Integration -> Base Mod Done

- Compacting Button -> Base Mod Done

- Block Selection Wheel -> Base Mod Done

- Better Builder's Wands Integration -> Base Mod Done



Q: Will you update to more recent versions?

A: Yes, I will update to 1.16+. This work is currently in Progress.



I hope you enjoy the mod! Please report any bugs on Github!


Special thanks to CreativeMD for making the LittleTiles compat possible!