Blocks, Tools, Realms and Beyond

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 Snapshots will be released more often and consistently than before!! The bad news is snapshots may not be released every week and will have less content and changes than before. The good news is you will have bug fixes and new features more often!! Enjoy new content more frequently. I plan to release a snapshot on most Saturdays, but it could be delayed or cancelled if I have more content that needs to be worked on. Instead of delaying snapshots, missed bug fixes, features and changes will be released in a 2021.x. -b or -c snapshot following the release of the main snapshot.


  • Build with 25+ new beautiful stone types that are explosion resistant.
  • Build around with over 300 new stairs, slabs and 200 new walls.
  • Have fun with even more blocks derived from vanilla stones.
  • Play around with dozens of new tools and armor, from stone to way better than diamond gear.
  • Explore several new dimensions, collect ores, explore realms, kill bosses and upgrade your gear.
  • And much more!


The mod is in heavy development, and new dimensions and bosses will come over the next few months.

How it All Started: 

"Years ago when I started making mods, I was inspired by adding building blocks, and made an old mod known as "Construction Plus", a mod focused on adding building blocks. I was not interested in minecraft for a while, and then I decided to do the mod again, but with a new workspace and in February of 2020, I wanted to make a revival mod from that old one and it has grown since February 2020. In June, my computer broke, and I had to rewrite all of the mod's code from scratch and I am already more than half of the way by Independence Day of 2020." ~The Golden Creeper


Rewriting the Mod

After almost a month of hard work, I finished the rewrite of all of the code and also added new features. I begun rewriting the code for the mod from scratch on June 25th, 2020, 2 days after the 1.16 update released. This occurred due to my old laptop breaking a few weeks earlier. I fortunately was able to use my old textures and sounds by extracting them from the old jar file. 2 weeks in to rewriting, I had rewrote the code for the hundreds of blocks and only have a few more blocks to go afterwards. Due to the namespace change, WHEN I RELEASE MY NEXT SNAPSHOT FOR 1.2, YOUR OLD SAVES WILL BE BROKEN. DELETE, ARCHIVE OR DON'T UPDATE THE MOD TO THE NEW SNAPSHOT

On July 19, 2020, I finished the rewrite and am releasing snapshots.


Terms and Conditions

The terms stated here is a legal agreement between you and The Golden Creeper and determines what you can, and can't do with the mod files you download. You also have to abide by any terms stated with the permissions given to you. Failure to abide by these terms may result in suspension or termination of your access to the mod. You also Must abide by the Minecraft Eula and and stay within its terms. You agree to these terms by downloading or using the mod in any way.

Distribution of the Mod

Distributing the mod on any website is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and includes commercial use in any way, but not limited to: selling, renting, leasing copies of the mod to other people.You also can put a download link to this page for the mod, but you must state that you did not make the mod and that it belongs to TGC (The Golden Creeper). 

You however, can use the mod in a modpack, and distribute it under these terms: (a). You must give appropriate credit to The Golden Creeper by providing a link to TGC's YouTube Channel, and this page, state that you used this mod. (b). You must not modify the mod in any way, but not limited to: reverse-compiling, trans-compiling, dcompiling, reverse-engineering, recompiling, or any other way that would alter the code of the mod. Basically, you can't distribute the mod or use it commercially, but you can use the mod in your modpack as-is with appropriate credit.

User-Generated Content

By User-Generated-Content (UGC), TGC means screenshots, worlds, videos, pictures or other content with the mod in it. You may post videos onto YouTube, but under these terms. (a). You must give appropriate credit to the owner of the mod by stating you used this mod in the content, a link to this page, and a link to the owner's YouTube channel. (b). You may not monetize your videos or put advertisements on them. You also must not post content that is inappropriate, is derivatives of others' content, infringes others' rights or violates that website's Terms of Use. After this, you are free to do what you want with your UGC, but it has to be your original creation and it belongs to you. 

Modification/Derivative Works

Modifying or making derivative works of this mod is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You may not modify any parts of the mod, or even obtain source code in any way, but is not limited to: reverse-compiling, trans-compiling, dcompiling, reverse-engineering, recompiling, or any other way that would alter the code of the mod or where you can access source code. You also must not make derivative works (mods based of this mod, mods that use textures from this mod or mods that have concepts similar to this mod.) 

Termination of these Terms

You can terminate these terms at any time. You must remove the entire mod software and all worlds associated with this mod (ones you have loaded with this mod). Your access to the mod and these terms will terminate immediately if you fail to comply with these terms, in other words violate these terms, and once terminated if you decided to by removing the mod, you can redownload it at a future time ad use it again under these terms. If you got these terms terminated due to a violation, you may not redownload the mod durint your suspension time or for good. Your UGC is still yours, but you still must  give appropriate credit to the owner of the mod (The Golden Creeper) and not use your content commercially.


Note: This project is a reupload from a different account for blocks, tools, realms and beyond! It was reuploaded because the author lost his old Twitch Account.



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