Broulf's Simply Hammers



Simply Hammers is a mod that adds in hammers to help with mining. These hammers are quite simple, they use three sticks and two blocks of either Iron, Gold, or Diamond. This mod is aimed to follow alongside vanilla Minecraft without straying too far from it. Inspiration for the hammers come from Tinkers Construct, I developed this mod as a lightweight alternative for people who don't want to use TC but still admire the hammers from that mod.


Mod Documentation

Durability: The durability of the hammer is based on the pickaxe equivalent, the hammers durability is DOUBLE the equivalent pickaxe, as there are two sides to every hammer.

Harvest Levels: Equal to the pickaxe counterpart

Efficiency: Equal to the pickaxe counterpart

Enchantibility: Equal to the pickaxe counterpart

Attack Speed: 1

Recipe: Two of the block types (i.e. Cobble, Iron, Gold, or Diamond), and three sticks, A = nothing.