Brok N Sindri's Trinkets

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Brok N Sindri's Trinkets is a mod that adds the axe throwing mechanic, with manual throw and recall, into minecraft. Along with some fun enchantments to make things interesting!

Brok and Sindri 



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Known issues :

  • Some particles may appear white / over saturated when using shaders
  • You may lose items, although this should be highly unlikely.
  • Throwing your item into a portal will break the portal on the other side.




Requires Geckolib!



 Spawning The Brothers

Crafting the Dwarven Forge (Its an Anvil, I know :D)


Thie Dwarven Forge on its own will spawn Brok randomly. In order to spawn Sindri, place 3 gold blocks around the Dwarven Forge.

Brok will provide with level 1 enchantment using the rune stones and weapon
Sindri will provide with level 2 enchantments using the rune stones and weapon


Feed dwarves cooked Steak to keep them happy :)




  • Worthy

Enables weapons to be recalled (default is 'r' key, called the Throw Key).Level 2 enchantment blocks other players from picking up your weapon! They are not Worthy!

A weapon with worthy will not drop normally like other items do, so you can always recall your weapon upon death!


  • Frost Imbued

BOY! Hold my axe! Gives your weapon a frosty aura, causing slowness and when charged (holding the Throw Key) creates an AOE of ice. Great for nether madness)

Level 2 has more exaggerated abilities.


  • Flame Imbued

Gives your weapon a fiery aura, lightning enemies on fire and when charged, creates an AOE of fire.

Level 2 has more exaggerated abilities.


  • Lightning Imbued

Gives your weapon a electrifying aura and you feel overly powerful. Lightning effect Galore!

Level 2 has more exaggerated abilities.


  • Pinned

Pins the target! Causes paralysis (also works on players, disconnect and reconnect to stop being pinned :) also slightly buggy, use /effect clear to remove unwanted paralysis effect) Triggered by throwing a full charge throw (hold Throw Key)

Runes are randomly obtained on killing entities. The drop chance is configurable.



Enchanting Your Items

Once you have spawned Brok or Sindri, drop your weapon and a rune stone next to the brother you wish to enchant your item. They will walk to the Dwarven Forge, and if not hungry (shown by their facial expression), they will drop an enchanted weapon based on the rune you provided.

If you change your mind on an item / rune or just want them back, just right click the brother that has your items!





Here's all the available config and what they do:

ThrowEnchantment : True / False

Forces all weapons to have the throw enchantment in order for weapons to be thrown.

NotAllowedThrow : String, <List of item names>

If you want any weapon to not be throwable, enter the name in this entry as a list (I.E NotAllowedThrow : String,Iron Sword,Iron Axe

DFDistance : INTEGER

You cannot place Dwarven Forge within a certain amount of blocks of each other. This config entry controls how many blocks between each Dwarven Forge

ThrowSpeed : FLOAT
Controls the speed of a thrown item CAUTION : Values higher than 2 will be weird and cause issues.

ThrowSpeedMax : FLOAT
Same as above, changes the speed of max thrown weapon (hold Throw Key).

AttackMultiplier : FLOAT

Controls the damage of a thrown weapon based on the weapon itself. I.E Weapon does 5 damage, an AttackMultiplier of 1.5 will do 7.5 thrown damage.

MaxAttackMultiplier : FLOAT

Same as above

ReturnSpeed: FLOAT
Controls the speed of a thrown item returning to its owner. See ThrowSpeed.

ItemDamage: INTEGER
Controls how much an item should degrade after each successful throw hit

AntiGrief : True/False
EXPERIMENTAL : Prevents Frost Imbued weapons from turning player placed blocks into ice. Can cause slowdowns on servers with large player base

RuneDropChance : FLOAT
Controls the drop chance of runes dropping on entity death. For balancing purposes.

TicksForDwarfHungry : INTEGER
Controls how long dwarves take to get hungry between meals

GreenFire : True / False

Toggles green aesthetic fire for Flame Imbued II

BaseFireTicksToBurn : INTEGER

Controls the life span of the Base Fire (Flame Imbued I)  in ticks

AdvFireTicksToBurn : INTEGER
Controls the life span of the Adv Fire (Flame Imbued II) in ticks



Controls the chance of lightning striking for Lightning Imbued I


Controls the chance of lightning striking for Lightning Imbued II


FLOAT : any number with decimal I.E 0.0, 1.5, 0.8
INTEGER : any whole number I.E 0, 1 ,5

If you experience a crash or you find that a config entry is not working they way it should, please ensure you are using the correct data format in the config file.






If you want to cancel a throw, press Shift + r, then let go r while still holding shift. Its not the most intuitive, I know.


If you encounter issues, please post the description, screenshots in Issues on my github! 


Compatibility Issues

  • Any mods that do the same, may cause issues. Although its unlikely.
  • Should work with most weapon mods ( and I encourage it to be used with them! ) Only special cases will cause this mod not to work, namely weapons that have issue with there not being an active holder ;)
  • Please let me know if there is a mod that causes issues!



Be sure to use latest Fabric Loader and Fabric API versions!


Thank you for your interest in this mod!


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