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WARNING: This mod is up to its support term, which means feedback may not be accepted, and updates will not be provided in general.

Try this resource pack for better performance.


Modloader: FabricEnvironment: ClientLicense: MIT


When you start exploring huge caves in 1.17, you might get surprised about its deepness and darkness. And the most important issue is, you cannot see anything, and you will miss lots of ores.

By loading this mod, all of the exposed ores will be highlighted, making it easier to see these ores in the deepness and darkness.


Make sure you have the latest version of Fabric Loader installed. Afterwards, all you need to do is simply drop the mod into your mods folder. No other mods (not even the Fabric API!) are required in order to use Bright Ore. You do not need to create new worlds in order to take advantage of the mod.



  • Mod compatibility?

Because of hardcoded modifications to block luminance, this mod has awful compatibility with other mods.

We strongly recommend you to look for alternative mods or resource packs.

  • 1.19 / Newer versions?

This mod is up to its support term. Updates will not be provided.

  • 1.16.1 or older?

Nope. The purpose of developing this mod is to serve players who explore huge 1.17 caves. You don't need it in older versions and older caves.

  • Forge?

Nope. However, you can develop your own Forge port without our permission.

Custom Configuration


 More information see here.